Ride Photos

July 26, 2013

Lake Harriet - 40th St. Greenway - 42nd St. - Ford Bridge - S. Mississippi River Blvd - Shepard Rd - Podiumwear / Mojo Monkey Donuts (St. Paul) - Mississippi River Trail - Mendota Bridge - Minnehaha Creek Trail - Lake Harriet

The folks at Podiumwear were very gracious and took time out of their work day to show us around their shop and explain in detail how our jerseys were made. Mojo Monkey Donuts was closed, so we went to Falalel King for lunch instead.

Zoe, Julian, Rowan, Graham, Blake, Zach, Wyatt

Also along: Angie, Kevin, Joan, Sam, Mike, Tommy & Elsie.
Reid, the owner, gave us a great tour of the shop — garment manufacturing in Minnesota!
As the owner, you have to know how to do everything in the shop.

The designs are printed on ceramic-coated paper on a giant ink-jet printer with special (expensive) ink.

The process is slow, so the printer runs pretty much 24 hours a day during the busy season.
The designs and patterns for each panel of the garment are heat-transferred by sublimation onto the fabric.
You have to be careful not to stretch the fabric going in.
The kids were a good audience.
The used paper gets rolled up, and the fabric with the design on it (in the background) just piles up on the floor.
Each panel is cut by hand.
Lots of different fabrics for different types of garments for different sports — skiing (alpine & cross country), bicycling, running, track, ultimate, etc.
Lots going on in a little space.
Every garment is custom-made.
The cut pieces are put in little bags to send off to the sewers.
Former ski-team coach.
Three different levels of quality (materials and design) for three different price points.
Reid (owner), Taylor (designer), Cyclomaniacs.
The designs start here on the computer — in the world-wide headquarters!
Our panel designs.
A rendering of our jerseys.
The back.
The front.

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